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Past Imperfect

Most things are Past Imperfect
If you choose to see them that way
What's past is past, what's done is done
It's time for looking forward
Some call that running away

There's many things I can't tell you
So many things I can't say
Maybe the future's to blame

This isn't past or perfect
The way you came here today
Maybe I, could take a walk
And all this will be over
But things never turn out that way

Of all the things left to wonder
There are no reasons to stay
Maybe you're thinking the same

No one says the past is perfect
No one says the things are the same
So many times, I think that I
Am finally moving forward
Just to find myself back here again

It's been so many years since the last time we spoke
Why can't I just let you go?

Words and Music by Iain Reid

Recorded at: Wisseloord Studios and Studilio, The Netherlands
Engineered by: Huub Reinders and Nitsan (Wisseloord Studios), and Leo Sienot (Studilio)